Israel banning SmartPhones in Schools

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Smart phone are the perfect smart bomb – it kills people by brain cancer but does not destroy the infrastructure. Here are some prior posts which warned our readers about electrical pollution in the past 10 years.    HERE   HERE and HERE !
In September 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Education banned the use of smart phones in classrooms for schoolwork and limited the use of technology in schools.
Here’s the 2 minute Israeli TV news broadcast video – (click on cc button to get English subtitles)
For 1st-3rd grades, 80% of lessons shall be with pen and paper, maximum 1 hour of learning using technology.
For 4th-6th grades, 70% of lessons shall be with pen and paper, maximum 2 hours of learning using technology.
    • Wireless networks banned in preschool and kindergartens.
    • 1st. & 2nd. grade  internet is limited to max. 3 hr. per week of internet.
    • 3rd grade maximum 8 hours a week.
    • A hard wired direct cable connection is required if the teacher has a computer in the class.
    • Recommendations for reducing magnetic fields to below 4 mG  for children under 15 in schools representing the government’s position that international guidelines are NOT protective of children.

Read this page for details and more international actions on wireless

Read more about schools, unions, and PTA‘s actions on wireless here

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