Why Seeds?

What is uniquely healthy about organic, non-GMO, glyphosate-free seed products?





SOUL, CORE, FORM and FUSED offers 4 unique nutrient benefits
1)  Nutrient density: The seed is the most nutrient dense food on earth — 30x more nutrients in the seed compared to the rest of the fruit. Eating the (organic, non-GMO) seed is like feasting in the most exclusive VIP section of Mother Nature’s restaurant. Nourish the body well and, in turn, the body performs miracles and restores its health better than any doctor.



2) Supports Normal Response to Inflammation: (SNRI): Dr. Yu, a researcher in seed nutrition at U. Maryland, suggests the scientific evidence shows Black Cumin Seed (which makes up 50% of SOUL) is a very powerful, natural and gentle SNRI nutrient. A Medical Alternative might be the over-the-counter NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) with their typical life-threatening NSAID side-effects such as damage to liver, kidney and stomach. Note that all chronic degenerative illness – regardless of their etiology – is driven and worsened by inflammation. While inflammation has its adaptive benefits – nonetheless, too much is a bad thing. The body’s homeostasis capacity regulates normal inflammation and SNRIs like Black Cumin Seed support well-regulated inflammatory response. It is a safe seed with no known adverse reactions.



3) Genetic Spare Parts:   The seed is packed with genetic material – DNA and RNA and when the whole seed is crushed into a fine powder, all that genetic material can no longer create a new plant… so it is bioavailable to you, and constitutes a genetic supplement. Brad Weeks, MD has photographic evidence of hair returning to origin color – a 92 year old who has had white hair for 30 years sends photos showing that it is now turning black!



4) PEO – Parent Essential Oils:  Whole seed unadulterated omega 6 oils (with minor amount of omega 3) are what the cell membranes require.  (For example the brain is 100:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 and the skin is 1000: 1 omega 6 to omega 3.)  Currently, many people are contaminated with adulterated (rancid/hydrogenated) omega 6 oils from processed and preserved foods and these adulterated oils are inflammatory. However, in contrast, the unadulterated omega 6 oils from cold-pressed seeds are exactly what the body and cells need to replenish cell membranes with functional fatty acids which allow for oxygen transport across cell membranes thereby lessening cancer risk (per Dr. Otto Warburg). DHA & EPA (available in fish oil supplements) are derivative oils. As they are very long chained, they become rancid at 98.6 degrees (3 x warmer than when in fish) and as such they suffocate cell membranes. Only flooding the body with unadulterated omega 6 oils (seed oils like in SOUL) will flush out the bad oils and reinstate optimal fatty acid composition of the cell and mitochondrial membranes.


Despite being initially skeptics, once doctors review the science with Dr. Weeks, they endorse whole crushed unadulterated parent essential seed oils (PEOs) with particulate husk included, and stop recommending omega 3 fish oils. (For more info, see https://weeksmd.com/2015/01/eat-whole-ground-seeds-fish-krill-oil/. )



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Eat the Seed!


Treat yourself to The treasure chest of Nature.



Be nourished by The most nutrient dense food on earth.



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