Can flu vaccines kill?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Yes. In a nutshell. This analysis was sent to me by André Angelantoni (Vaccine Course). It is his analysis and not necessarily accurate but I am impressed with his reasoning.  Primum non Nocere = First Do No Harm is a wise reminder.  Vitamin D and Vitamin A and Vitamin C are safer and more effective!

How the Flu Shot Killed Senator Peralta

A bit of backstory: there is apparently a report that Senator Peralta may have suffered from sepsis already once or perhaps even while he had the shot. I have not seen this report but I tailored my answer, which is currently being shared widely, to show that there is sufficient evidence to point to the flu shot.

== Why the Flu Shot Killed Senator Peralta ==

Senator Peralta died of sepsis after receiving the flu shot. Here is why.
1. The flu vaccine is known to suppress CD8+ T cell production:
Annual Vaccination against Influenza Virus Hampers Development of Virus-Specific CD8+ T Cell Immunity in Children
CTL production is vital to combat intracellular pathogens i.e. exactly what sepsis is.
2. This reduced CTL production (i.e. lowered general immunity) can lead to increased infection from other sources. In this study, the treatment cohort experienced 4.4 times more infections than the control group that did not receive vaccinations. Let that sink in for a moment.
Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine
3. Specifically looking at sepsis, this isn’t the first time we have seen sepsis after immunization. In this study, the vaccinated premature infants experienced sepsis at a greater rate post-vaccination:
“This study found an increase in adverse events after the routine immunization of ELBW infants in the NICU, specifically sepsis evaluations, need for increased respiratory support, and intubation.”
Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants
4. Dr. Meehan hypothesizes that the route of entry was from the puncture of the vaccine needle. Not only is this plausible, this recent paper (2016) argues that we should be performing disinfection before every vaccination, something that is not done currently, precisely to stop sepsis!
“Disinfection should be required for all skin penetrative procedures including parenteral administration of vaccines… Like ‘clean’ surgical site infections, the major pathogens responsible for these events were Staphylococcal species, implicating endogenous contamination as a significant source of infection.”
Sepsis, parenteral vaccination and skin disinfection
5. Here is a death from sepsis after the flu shot that received compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program:
No. 12-775V Filed: August 21, 2013
“Damages decision based on stipulation; influenza vaccine;
pneumonia; sepsis; systemic inflammatory response; death”
What can we conclude from this?
1. A new round of sepsis from the vaccine is a plausible cause of *this* instance of sepsis regardless of any prior history.
2. Even if his sepsis did not start with the vaccination (entry via the vaccine needle puncture, a common route for provocation polio, btw), the damage to his immune system from the vaccine is almost certainly what killed him because he could not fight off the sepsis due to lowered general immunity from the shot.
3. If I were the widow, I would at least apply for compensation from the NVICP. $250k for her husband’s death doesn’t bring him back but I would want it on record that the vaccine killed him.
Bear in mind that the rules of the NVICP are that the vaccine does not need to be the sole reason for injury, it is sufficient to be contributory. So even if he dealt with sepsis before, if the vaccine prevented him from fending it off this time, compensation is due.

In other words, the flu shot killed Senator Peralta.


Another flu death a few years ago from sepsis after the shot:

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