Some water removes Aluminum from your brain

Dr. Weeks Comment:  I recently returned from giving a lecture at the  London Anti-Aging Conference where my friend and colleague Prof. Chris Exley – a courageous researcher and the world expert on biological effects of the neurotoxin aluminum – gave a wonderful lecture on how to rid yourself of this heavy metal. Drink water rich in soluble silicon or silicic acid. Simple.


Why everyone should drink silicon-rich mineral water

UK tap water contains very low levels of dissolved silicon or silicic acid (more often referred to as silica), which is unfortunate for the nation’s health. I think everyone should drink silicon-rich mineral water every day to remove toxic aluminium from their bodies and brains.

Over the last 10 years, my team at Keele University has been looking into the effectiveness of drinking water high in silicon to help remove aluminium from the body. Aluminium is a toxin which has been strongly linked to the development of Alzheimer’s as well as other human diseases including Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Aluminium is a toxin which has been strongly linked to the development of Alzheimer’s as well as other human diseases.

Unfortunately, aluminium is found widely in our environment. We live in the ‘aluminium age’ and our bodies accumulate it over time, especially in our brains.

What we have found in  clinical trials, involving both healthy individuals and individuals with disease, is that drinking around a litre of silicon-rich mineral water every day can speed up the removal of toxic aluminium from the body via the kidneys and ultimately urine. In fact, our studies showed that individuals  experienced significant reductions in their body burden of aluminium, including falls of up to 70% in one case, over a 12 week period.

Silicon-rich mineral waters help to remove aluminium from the body because they are actually rich in soluble silicon or silicic acid. This form of silicon immediately follows water molecules through the gut wall and into the bloodstream  where it forms a complex with aluminium called an hydroxyaluminosilicate. This form of aluminium can be easily filtered from the blood by the kidney. Hence, silicon-rich mineral waters increase the excretion of aluminium in the urine.

Silicon-rich mineral waters increase the excretion of aluminium in the urine.

Our efforts now are focused on establishing without doubt that these reduced levels of aluminium can be directly related to improvement in patient symptoms and indeed in overall health. In the case of Alzheimer’s, we recently found that drinking silicon-rich water over only 12 weeks produced significant improvements in cognitive function without any known or observed side effects.  This means that simply drinking silicon-rich water is a completely non-invasive way to remove aluminium from the body and something which can potentially benefit everyone including people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.Now, I am keen to encourage everyone to drink more silicon-rich mineral water in their daily lives. There are already two brands of silicon-rich mineral water available in the UK including Fiji water and Volvic. There are several others across Europe and the rest of the world. What you need to look for is a minimum concentration of 30 mg/L or 30 ppm written as ‘silica’ on the label.

We do find it difficult to obtain funding for our research, so the actual water that we have used in all our clinical studies, (and so proven scientifically to be effective), is also now commercially available in the UK and Europe, with a proportion of the sales of this water being redirected to research into aluminium at Keele. If you would like to support us, and boost your own health, please purchase ACILIS water from the website, It is natural, artesian bottled water from Malaysia and it is very rich in silicon containing approximately 55 mg/L or 55 ppm silica. We have shown that ACILIS (called SPRITZER in Malaysia) is effective in helping to remove aluminium from the human body and it can be effective for everyone in helping themselves to protect against the possible future toxicity of aluminium. I drink it myself!

For more information on this and the research in my group please see my website

Professor Chris Exley

Professor Chris Exley

Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry Keele University
Honorary Professor, UHI Millennium Institute
Group Leader – Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele

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