Cutting out the Teacher / Doctor

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  big pHARMa is cutting out your doctor and marketing directly to you. Buyer beware.


Pharma marketing to bypass medical providers

This is terrifying.

Because healthcare is “…becoming simultaneously more consumer-focused and profit-driven…”, traditional pharmaceutical sales reps – who market products directly to physicians – are being replaced.

New generations of reps, with backgrounds not in medicine, but rather fields such as finance, are now employed targeting ‘policy makers’ (i.e legislators) and the ‘consumers’ themselves (i.e. patients).

“…Even as healthcare consolidates, the stakeholders for pharma have proliferated. Where once we could focus marketing efforts primarily on healthcare practitioners, consumers and caregivers, our reach has expanded by necessity to include institutional stakeholders, advocacy groups, policymakers and influencers, payers and more…

…As roles evolve, however, talent from career paths as diverse as HR and finance may be better adapted to emerging roles than the traditional talent pool…”

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