The Nature of Water

Dr. Weeks Comment:  Water is far more miraculous than we understand but there have been a series of brilliant scientists elucidating the nature of water

WIlliam Harvey, a misunderstood genius, posited a 4th phase of water while trying to understand the circulation of blood in the human body. More recently, Theodor Schwenk, a student of Rudolf Steiner, taught about The Nature of Water  and considered it inherently alive and mobile.

For the best current update on how fearfully and wonderfully water nourishes us and provides energy for us,  watch this wonderful lecture by Prof. Gerald Pollack from the U. Washington – though that august university considers his research so revolutionary I understand they have cut his funding and he is gratefully being funded by private patrons.  He has discovered exclusion zones – EZ – which allow water to store and deliver energy. EZ water equates with health. Seeds are the place where plants store most EZ water and most light energy. Eat the seed and drink hydrogenated water!

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