1 in 6 Americans on psych meds (3 yrs ago)

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Why Are One in Six On Psychiatric Meds ?


Why Are One in Six On Psychiatric Meds ?

by Jeffrey Dach MD

A JAMA article reported one in six Americans take psychiatric medications.  These are mostly SSRI antidepressants such as Lexepro, benzodiazepines (Xanax), and sleeping pills (Ambien and Lunesta). (1)  Above left image Jack Nicholson on Meds in Psych Ward One Flew Over the KooCoos Nest. Image Courtesy of Mental Floss.

The Numbers are Even Greater For Women

According to Julie Holland, a psychiatrist writing in the New York TimesOne in Four women are on Psych Meds, compared to one in seven for men.(5)

You Might Be Curious To Know Why

You might be curious to know why so many people are taking psych meds.  You might ask, “why are so many of our citizens on psych meds. Are they really needed on such a massive scale? Or is something else going on?

National Statement 

Is this a statement about our nation, our culture, our way of life?  What is the explanation for this sad state of affairs? Here are a number of different possible explanations


The Big Pharma Explanation

The pharmaceutical industry, also known as”Big Pharma”, has used deceptive advertising techniques to convince us we need psych meds in order to avoid unhappiness in our lives.   If we have any life challenges which cause unhappiness, anxiety, insomnia, grief, hostility, or fear, then this has been redefined as a “psychiatric disease”.  If only we took more psych meds, we could be truly happy with our lives.  The result is one in six on psych meds, and windfall profits for Big Pharma. Left image Big Pharma courtesy of Before Its News.


The Industrial Food GMO Explanation

Our GMO food supply is genetically modified to withstand massive amounts of herbicides and pesticides which we unknowingly consume.   These toxic food residues,  along with red yellow and blue food colorings, chemical food additives, MSG, and Aspartame cause neurotoxicity and neuro-psychiatric disturbances in the population, all of which are treated with psych meds.   The result: One in Six on Psych Meds. Left Image GMO Corn Courtesy of Anonymous Anti-GMO web Site.

The Politics Election Explanation

We are upset because the wrong candidate won the election and is saying the wrong things.  We have been emotionally damaged by our “politics as usual”  which inundated us with lies, distortions and propaganda designed to induce fear loathing and hatred on a grand scale.   The politicians rake in more corporate campaign contributions, easily win re-election and create thousands of pages of new senseless legislation they don’t even read.  Result: one in six on psych meds,


The Evil Capitalism Explanation

Because our factories and jobs have been outsourced to third world countries, and our unemployed, depressed  population is now standing in line at K-Mart buying Cheetos with Food Stamps, one in six are now taking psych meds.

The Evil Enemy Explanation

An opposing foreign nation has been agitating, and instigating unrest in the wrong places, or engaging in outright warfare in a foreign country where we  happen to be supporting the opposite side.  This could lead to global thermo-nuclear war leaving our poor planet a cinder heap. This has been reported in the papers causing agitation, nervousness and hysteria in our population.  The final result: one in six on psych meds.

Psych Med Deficiency Syndrome


Through some accident of breeding, or perhaps reverse Darwinian evolution, many of us now have a genetic mutation called “Psych Med Deficiency Syndrome” in which we actually have a deficiency in our blood stream of these life saving medications.  This is somehow producing a “chemical imbalance” in our brains. How is this treated?  With Psych Meds, of course.

Whatever the explanation, one in six on psych meds is a blinking red warning light on our national dashboard.  Time to pull over and check the engine.

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Among adults reporting taking psychiatric drugs, more than 8 of 10 reported long-term use. Prescribing information for the leading antidepressants includes limited information about appropriate duration of treatment. However, benzodiazepines have warnings about drug dependence, tolerance, withdrawal, and rebound symptoms.4 In a previous study,5 we found most patients were long-term users of the hypnotic zopidem tartrate despite recommendations for short-term use, and many were combining it with other central nervous system depressants despite warnings.

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