Raw Honey for wounds

Healing honey: The sweet evidence revealed

SAGE Journal provides support for the use of honey as a wound dressing

(Thousand Oaks, CA, USA – April 6,2006) Substantial evidence demonstrates that honey, one of the oldest healing remedies known to medicine, produces effective results when used as a wound dressing. A review article in the most recent issue of SAGE Publications’ International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds summarizes the data.

Scientists performed 22 trials involving 2,062 patients treated with honey, as well as an additional 16 trials that were performed on experimental animals. Honey was found to be beneficial as a wound dressing in the following ways:

  • Honey’s antibacterial quality not only rapidly clears existing infection, it protects wounds from additional infection
  • Honey debrides wounds and removes malodor
  • Honey’s anti-inflammatory activity reduces edema and minimizes scarring
  • Honey stimulates growth of granulation and epithelial tissues to speed healing

The review article was written by Dr. P.C. Molan of New Zealand’s University Waikato. He noted that, although the many randomized controlled clinical trials strongly support the use the honey in wound care; the trials may not have been double-blind. Of course, double blind testing would be difficult to achieve because honey is a very recognizable substance. 

Molan concludes, “the barrier to using honey that has existed for many clinicians who have been constrained to using only licensed products has been removed now that honey is available in the form of various sterile products licensed for use in wound care. Clinicians should check the evidence that exists to support the use of honey.” ###

The article “The Evidence Supporting the Use of Honey as a Wound Dressing” can be found on The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds’ website at http://ijlew.sagepub.com. Media may obtain a free copy of the article by contacting SAGE Publications at media.inquiries@sagepub.com.

The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds concentrates on in-depth multidisciplinary reviews of evidence-based diagnostic techniques and methods, disease and patient management, and surgical and medical therapeutics for lower extremity wounds. The Journal emphasizes the science and practice of lower extremity wound care from major theoretical advances to tested clinical practice. More information about the Journal can be found at http://ijlew.sagepub.com

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