Sunscreen and Cancer

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: As with any cancer risk, it is rare for the big “health” organizations to criticize any big industry and so it is with the sunscreen industry. If you google sunscreen and cancer you find the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Cancer Society etc. all are waffling. But dig deeper and you will learn that sunscreen are bad for you and bad for the ocean and bad for coral reefs.

So.. what to do if you are fair skinned and burn in the sun like I do? eat only non-rancid non-hydrogenated oils and add raw cold crushed organic seeds to your diet. Remember the skin is 1000x more omega 6 than omega 3 fatty acids so feed your skin heathy seed oils orally and topically. Rubbing anti-inflammatory organic non-GMO seed oil on your skin will add healthy oils to rebuild and repair your skin. (That is why it reduces wrinkles) 

Also remember that skin cancers occur at sites where already rancid hydrogenated bad oils like canola or the deep fried oils deposit in your skin. Then when that part of your already toxic skin is exposed to excessive sun light, it oxides and becomes inflamed and becomes cancerous. That does not happen from unadulterated seed oils when they comprise your skin! 

So eat the seed and SMEAR the seed too!

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