Foods that kill cancer STEM cells

Dr. Weeks Comments: Cancer TUMOR cells, the target of chemo and radiation, are relatively harmless compared to cancer STEM cells.

Here is an incomplete list of some foods that kill cancer STEM cells from

Food is is largest epigenetic factor that influences the development of cancer. What you eat can kill you.

Granted we need to avoid cancer supporting foods like white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, all wheat soy and corn which has been saturated in glyphosate to dry it out prior to harvesting (insane practice!) but what can we eat which will kill cancer STEM cells which are the bad guys since they support the retention and recurrence and progression of cancer TUMOR cells?

Previous research suggested that there are certain foods that can stop the cancer causing stem cells from triggering the development of a disease. Read on to know what you can add to your diet to avoid cancer. 

Purple Potatoes

Eating one purple potato every day for a week has been found effective to block harmful stem cells that can cause colon cancer. Researchers from Penn State University said the bioactive anthocyanin in the food helps reduce tumors and the aggressiveness of the cancerous cells.

Green Tea

Researchers from universities in China found that green tea can help kill cancer stem cells. It provides epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which triggers cancerous cells suicide and could reduce growth of colon cancer stem cells by 50 percent, according to

Matcha Tea

A study from the University of Salford in England showed that matcha green tea can also kill cancer stem cells by cutting their energy sources. It mainly fights breast cancer. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It provides the body with secoiridoids, which were effective in reducing growth of breast cancer stem cells during lab tests. Extra virgin olive oil was able to prevent cancer development in animals subjects and to reduce tumor growth in those that already have the disease. 


Colon cancer is also the main target of walnuts. It could help cut the risk for developing the disease and improve survival in patients. 

Researchers from South Korea found that exposure to a walnut extract daily for a week helped reduce colon cancer stem cell growth by 86 percent. Walnuts contain bioactives such as gallic acid, chlorogenic acid and ellagic acid.

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