In Memorium Lee Wotherspoon

For those of us who knew Lee Wotherspoon well, on the so very sad occasion of his passing, it seems that the most appropriate utterance is simply reverential silence. He was a uniquely self-made brilliant and inspiring man. 

But since we are all the better for speaking our truth with love, the best I can offer after living so many adventures together with Lee over the past 45 years is simply a joyous: 


Lee taught me to never settle for my failures but more importantly, to celebrate my victories. We celebrated by freight train hopping, by hitching rides on private jets and many other gallivanting, meandering, following-our-fancy magical time together, but the greatest adventures we shared – albeit seemingly less exotic – were the heart-filling conversations we shared. 

I suspect he shared these uniquely edifying and empowering conversations with all who knew and loved Lee.  He gifted these heart to heart adventures with everyone who was receptive to growth. Now, I encourage us all to celebrate our memories of those sweet, life-yielding conversations we had with one of the wisest and most compassionate spirits  I have ever been blessed with knowing.

Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

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