Lots of Coronavirus, no COVID-19 found by test

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  More scientists are agreeing with what I have been telling my readers since day #1: the testing for COVID-19 is entirely inaccurate and all the political and economic ramifications can not be justified by science. In short, no one is telling us exactly what is killing people. 

Letter to the Editor: Plenty of Coronavirus but no SARS-CoV-2 Journal:  Eurosurveillance  Author; Philippe Colson1,2, et al


“…In our reference institute for infectious diseases, we have been implementing since the end of January 2020 PCR detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA using several systems, including those released at the European level [4]. In total, we have tested to date (as at 19 February 2020) 4,084 respiratory samples by PCR and all the tests have been negative for SARS-CoV-2…”

“…This illustrated the major disconnect between the fear of a hypothetical spread in France of a virus emerging in the Middle East and the reality of the absence of diagnosed cases, while concomitantly the very real and high incidence of respiratory viruses common worldwide and in our country and their associated mortality appeared largely neglected…” 

‘“…Thus, it is surprising to see that all the attention focused on a virus whose mortality ultimately appears to be of the same order of magnitude as that of common coronaviruses or other respiratory viruses such as influenza or respiratory syncytial virus, while the four common HCoV diagnosed go unnoticed although their incidence is high. In fact, the four common HCoV are often not even identified in routine diagnosis in most laboratories, although they are genetically very different from each other [7] and associated with distinct symptomatology [8]…”

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