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This Punctual Spot

The meeting was called for four o’clock. At one minute before the appointed hour,  the attendant closed the doors. As he did so, he took notice that all the chairs where occupied.

The room and its furnishings were in taste with the architecture of the building. A long table occupied the center of the room. Lewis Cass Ledyard was in the chair set for the presiding officer. At his right hand was Cardinal Hayes. Next to the Cardinal sat JP Morgan, then came Payne Whitney and George F. Baker Jr. At the table’s end was Elihu Root and next to him Vincent Astor and Henry Walters. The engineering profession was represented by William Barclay Parsons and the law by two former justices of the Supreme Court, Morgan J. O’Brien and Samuel Greenbaum, and by John G. Milburn and Frank L. Polk.

At a sign from President Ledyard, Mr. Whitney arose and proceeded to read the report of a committee of which he is the chairman.

It was the monthly meeting of the trustees of the New York public library.

Every man was on time.

Editorial, New York Sun, May 10th 1927

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