COVID -19 is “entirely new”

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is not a typical viral pneumonia – this is oxygen starvation. 5G 60 megaHz microwave radiation is dangerous for many reasons but it strip oxygen away from tissue. Are these people dying from “radiation pneumonitis”?

FROM NYC ICU: IS so-called “COVID-19” Mortality REALLY ARDS and NOT Coronavirus Infections?!!!

Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell is an ER physician working closely with so-called “COVID-19” patients in New York City. What is happening in New York City ERs and ICUs is something entirely new to him and his fellow physicians. People coming into the ER with sudden onset of Acute Respiratory Failure are NOT dying of viral illnesses or pneumonia as has been thought. Something entirely new is occurring. He says that the normal Respirator protocols are doing more harm than good and are accounting for the unusually high mortality rates. He wants to hear opinions from others in order to figure this out. He says “It is time to get this message out.”  

Not the comments to this video below, which points to the serious adverse health effects of the 5G wireless irradiation that can have a multitude of adverse effects on cellular function, neurological/electrical function and even immunity. —


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