Full Moon tonight

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The moon inspires the worst pessimist. Imagine being one of the earliest viewers of the waning moon way back in antiquity … that dour fellow watches it is disappearing never to return again and then… wow! Can it be true? The silver sliver reappears and start to wax and grow! Here is a delightful poem for you to delight in her fullness and then perhaps recall, when she disappears (as she will no doubt!) that we citizens of the world will find our way out of this pandemic and enjoy brighter days and lights soon. Light Ahead!

Two Leading Lights

I never happened to contrast

The two in the celestial cast

Whose prominence has been so vast.

The Sun is satisfied with days.

He never has in any phase

That I have heard of shone at night.

And yet he is a power of light

And could in one burst overwhelm

And dayify the darkest realm

By right of eminent domain.

He has the greatness to refrain.

The Moon for all her light and grace

Has never learned to know her place.

The notedest astronomers

Have set the dark aside for hers.

But there are many nights, though clear,

She doesn’t bother to appear.

Some lunatic or lunar whim

Will bring her out, diminished dim,

To set herself beside the Sun,

As Sheba came to Solomon.

It may be charitably guessed

Comparison is not her quest.

Some rumor of his wishing ring

That changes winter into spring

Has brought her merely visiting,

An irresponsible divinity

Presuming on her femininity.

by Bobby Frost

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