Ignorance of real COVID-19 Numbers of Deaths and Infection

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: I have been warning my readers that no one really knows how many people are infected with COVID-19 nor how dangerous it is since the tests are NOT ACCURATE. Consider the hysteria in the context of the tsunami of scientific incompetence.

50% Of Covid-19 Tests Can Give False Positive Results

By Torbjörn Sassersson, NewsVoice – March 26, 2020 (385 words)


Covid-19.Photo: Dr. Fred Murphy and Sylvia Whitfield, CDC.gov

Image: Covid-19. Photo: Dr. Fred Murphy and Sylvia Whitfield, CDC

A Chinese study shows that the Covid-19 tests can produce false positive test results. 50% or more of the tests are suspected to produce incorrect results. The study has been published on PubMed and Research Gate. Information has not been commented on in the media.

These are so-called false positive test results, which means that patients who have been tested and informed that they have been infected with Covid-19 are not really infected at all or have been infected by some other infection. The false positive results in screenings have not been reported in the media and by authorities, the researchers point out.

This finding that the Covid-19 tests are unreliable is of enormous importance for getting accurate statistics on the number of deaths in Covid-19, how great the mortality actually is and what measures are reasonable to stop the spread.

If a country officially has 100 dead but really only 50 dead in Covid-19, it obviously affects the whole picture of the corona crisis.

The researchers write:

“In the close contacts between COVID-19 patients, nearly half, or even more of the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ reported in the active nucleic acid test, may be false positives.”

Asymptomatic means that a person carries a disease or infection without having any symptoms. The person is ill without knowing it. A patient with an asymptomatic infection may be a carrier and therefore infect others.

Olle Johansson, KI - Photo: NASMS, A. McDowell

Olle Johansson, KI – Photo: NASMS, A. McDowell

“Now do not misunderstand the seriousness of the current medical situation,” says Olle Johansson , formerly at the Karolinska Institute , Department of Neuroscience, “but be prepared that when history is to be written in the future, it may not appear as threatening as we first thought. Acting in Sweden has been competent and solidarity, but perhaps somewhat exaggerated. On the other hand, rather than the opposite. It will be very interesting to see the current study replicated, i.e. repeated, by other research groups, to verify or falsify this the first study by Zhuang and co-workers. “

Source: PubMed: Potential False-Positive Rate Among the ‘Asymptomatic Infected Individuals’ in Close Contacts of COVID-19 Patients

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