5G Unified Theory re COVID deaths

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: 5G is weaponized and not safe. World class scientists have called for it being banned. It causes coagulation problems and is inflammatory (thereby worsening cancer, heart disease and all other chronic degenerative illnesses). The Senate was told there are no safety studies… but OK’d it any how.. (are they working for you and me?) Now I share more info re the “coincidence” of COVID deaths happening in high 5G areas including: Wuhan and Milano and The Princess Cruise line. Of course the CEO of Verizon claims there is no relation but we heard similar lies from the Big Tobacco CEOs when they claimed they didn’t know that nicotine was addictive. You are in lockdown but look around.. are 5G towers going up in your neighborhood while no one is watching?

Re: A unified theory for COVID-19 deaths

by Robert Thompson, M.D.
Co-Author, The Calcium Lie 2, etc.  

“…Everything that flies (bees) will be killed. Almost all plants and animals and insects and birds on earth will die as they cook in the microwave energy. No more pollen can be spread...”

There is a huge significance to 5 G toxicity. When one plots the death rate, clearly, it is where there is ground 5G. 
Why? Several reasons. 

1. Increase in the fluidity/softness of cell membranes. I call this the stale doughnut effect. We all know what microwave does to a stale doughnut. It becomes softened. (And NO, I don’t eat them anymore. LOL) Clearly, this effect allows more rapid viral penetration and multiple viral penetrations and likely increase infection rate by viral entry into the cells of those affected by the EMF energy.

2. 5G is poison to the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel. This effect can lead to sudden cardiac arrhythmias, especially in those adults already on a Calcium Channel blocker. It is likely a Torsade de Pointes type arrhythmia. Intracellular potassium deficiency is NOT measured by blood testing. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by a reliable laboratory is needed. From 20 years and over 10,000 HTMA results, clearly, this is pandemic also related to excess calcium in the diet and overall poor mineral intake. 90% of the world is currently severely intracellularly Potassium Deficient. This deficiency greatly increases the chances of Fatal arrhythmias. These were the sudden deaths observed in China. 

3. Iron toxicity. This issue has been completely missed in humans and in the fight against this viral illness. Ferritin is NOT a measurement of iron levels in the human. I have determined it is a lack of C molecules needed to recycle iron in the Mitochondria. AA is NOT a vitamin!!! AA is a hydroxylated sugar molecule first produced in 1934 by the Hoffman-LaRoche Drug Company. It has Zero vitamin effects.  AA is more like a chemotherapy drug with peroxidation effects only. Sadly missed is its total toxicity to Ceruloplasmin needed to oxidize Fe2+ to Fe3 for the incorporation of the unrecycled iron into Ferritin for ferrying it out of the cell. Ferritin does not store iron. That conclusion is totally false. Ferritin dumps iron upon entering the blood. Amyloid, a prion protein of Fibriinogen, changes which then changes to soluble Alpha Amyloid as it coils and absorbs iron and then to Insoluble Beta Amyloid as it folds and clumps which greatly contributes to hypercoagulability. These facts are not widely understood. (Kell et. al. 2009 to 2018, everything he has published would need to be reviewed to know these facts. The C molecule information is my original research.) Soon to be published, 2020, “The Vitamin C Lie.” Dr. Kell is not even listening to me, thus far. He says “Prove it, Robert.” I think I have, but conformation by a Mitochondrial laboratory is needed. Our Argonne National Laboratory head Ph.D. in molecular research refused to study the molecule stating ignorantly, “We know everything about vitamin C, it is a sugar molecule, we study proteins.” All other research organizations, I have tried for over two years, multiple labs, have also refused without “grand money.”
All disease and death in the human are directly related to iron toxicity. The final conclusion of the book. The actual C molecule is the antidote for rapid death due to its absolute deficiency. AA would likely kill a person with Scurvy more rapidly being poison to Cerulopoasmin (23 references). 
Diabetes 2 is caused by iron toxicity. Men do not have menses or babies so nearly all men have significant iron overload leading to early death, more disease, and more often death from their disease than women. (“Dumping Iron” by PD Mangan). The C molecule is the only antidote for rapid death by iron toxicity, “Scurvy.” Many of you are not aware of my research on this subject. Please stay tuned. (Calcium Lie group FB prn). 

4. EMF (5G microwave) greatly increases iron reactivity and toxicity, like an electric motor, electricity cause, and energy from it causes iron atoms to have outer electrons in higher more reactive quantum levels. (known) The level of iron cannot be measured in the human by any known test. This fact is not well known. Mortality data with viral illness clearly shows prevalence to men and DM2 and if one plots 5G ground use in the USA and worldwide, it is like a map of the death rate excess. 

5. “Global warming” is a pretense of ignorance for what will happen to the planet when our entire planet is blanketed with 5G microwave energy. Massive global warming to a degree never seen before will likely happen. Nothing will grow. Everything that flies (bees) will be killed. Almost all plants and animals and insects and birds on earth will die as they cook in the microwave energy. No more pollen can be spread. Those who promote 5G knew this years ago most likely and started the “Global Warming” pretense so people will not rise up and stop 5G. 
Please do all you can. 5G is 12.5 to 30x more energy than the microwave in some people’s homes. The human genome and the planet will not survive 5G. If this sounds serious, it is more than serious, it is critical. Our president is purposefully being misled by those who want 5G. 
Most people think they want it for faster internet speed. Big money wants it for taking over money and digital transactions and tracking people worldwide. Scanning will reveal who has received the tracking chip with the vaccine which won’t work as we have seen so many times before. Mr. evil Bill Gates has already produced it knowing it would be needed. He is in bed with Fucci. Fucci (jerk) predicted there would be a pandemic before the end of President Trump’s term in office. How did he know? He is in part responsible (I have a copy of his patient on the spike protein he added to SARS virus, 2015). Shen Li Ph.D. further added on functions to the current virus causing faster replication (Replicase gene) and enhanced infectivity. 

by Robert Thompson, M.D.
Co-Author, The Calcium Lie 2, etc.  

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