Keep a Journal in these troubled time

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Hopefully these political and economic troubles will bring out the best in us. Keep a journal. Like Leonard Cohen did…

Dear Diary

You are greater than the Bible

And the conference of the birds

And the Upanishads

All put together

You are more severe

Then the Scriptures

And Hammurabi’s code

More dangerous than Luther’s paper

Nailed it to the Cathedral door.

You are sweeter

Then the song of songs

Mike you’re by far

Then the epic of Gilgamesh

And braver

Then the Sagas of Iceland

I bow my head in gratitude

To the ones who give their lives

To keep the secret

The daily secret

Under lock and key

Dear diary

I mean no disrespect

But you are more sublime

Than any sacred text

Sometimes just a list

Of my events

Is holier than the Bill of Rights

And more intense.

Leonard Cohen

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