“I have cancer so now what do I do?”

Dr. Weeks Comment: So many people ask me this question because they are increasingly skeptical regarding subjecting themselves to the standard of care (cytotoxic chemo and radiation therapy). What are the simply use at home options to optimally nourish the body (the physician within) so that you are stacking the cards for success in making your body INHOSPITABLE to the opportunistic metabolic dis-ease called cancer.

Now  I  (or someone I love)  has cancer. What are my best options?

Well, here is how to start your healing process...

While Dr. Weeks no longer practices medicine, he does offer educational and advocacy services for people seeking to optimized their cancer care with their local doctors. 

Dr. Weeks takes a case by reviewing the entire medial record including analysis of laboratory data (blood test results, scan results) and then consults with many clients around the world by teaching them about treatment options which are superior to the standard of care. This people avail themselves of  “tomorrow’s medicine today”with the goal being “survive and thrive”.

After reviewing the medical record and after having a detailed conversation with the client dealing with their specific cancer process, individualized options are discussed and the client is advised to discuss these insights with their treating doctor(s) but in the meanwhile, typically, these seven powerful remedies are offered as the foundation of a Corrective Cancer Protocol™.

1)   SOUL  1 packet first thing in the morning and a second packet last thing before going to sleep. It is best to keep the box of SOUL in you bathroom to remember to take it at these times.   Also remember to rub some anti-inflammatory seed oil on any painful area– anti-inflammatory seed oils soak in and help!

2)  CORE  1 packet mixed with 8 of cold water or better still, Perrier or seltzer water or mix with one scoop of FORM in 8 oz cold water and drink with each meal.  

3)  FORM  1 scoop three times  a day either in almond milk or water or with COREabove or make a delicious healthy organic coffee mocha with FUSEDbelow

4)  CALM CREAM™   – bioidentical progestereone and calming seed oils serve to lower cancer causing estrogen,  cancer causing cortisol and cancer feeding sugar. 


This serves for optimal systemic detoxification and also this has a direct anti-cancer effect.

Typical dose starts at 10 drops under tongue 2 times a day  -1 bottle lasts a month

Call 360-341-2303 for more info and studies on this powerful detox agent.

6) TURB-O2™

This is stabilized molecular oxygen. This delivers oxygen to cancer cells (oxygen kills cancer) and also to mitochondria (resuscitates mitochondria)   Typical dose starts at 10 drops twice a day – 1 bottle lasts 1 month

7) In addition to the above agents, there are many other agents  which may be highly beneficial. See  http://safalab.com/product/corrective-cancer-care-bundle/   and pay attention to dental toxicity, anti-inflammatory diet,   hormone-optimization, sleep optimization,  press-pulse caloric-restricted, ketogenic diet  and adding organic sulfur.                                                              

To better understand how powerful these remedies are, 

I invite you to watch some of my lectures on this topic.

Here is a brief talk on the revolution in nutrition:  Eat the seed!  See  https://youtu.be/7_yyL-SOhd4?list=PL083D8FF2EEF74248

Here is why chemotherapy and radiation are dangerous and suboptimal options  

Here is a talk Dr. Weeks gave last fall (2016) which was live streamed to over 1/2 million people. It summarizes my work with onco-immunology and Corrective Cancer Care.

This lecture is on cancer and also how black coffee is beneficial: See  https://youtu.be/xf-iuIuXYUQ?t=4

Further Study

YouTube: BradWeeksMD  See the CANCER lectures 

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To your health and may you Survive and Thrive!


Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

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