Bio-Identical Progesterone for Anxiety and 4 more benefits

Dr Weeks’ Comment: We can all agree

  1. Mother Nature does not like to be fooled with. (Great video)
  2.  A miss is as good as a mile
  3.  A half truth is worse than a lie.

Consider:  why not insist on only using real, natural bio-identical hormones and no longer accept from your doctor “near misses”,  various “Frankenhormone-like” chemicals adulterated to the degree that they are not natural and therefore, can now be patented as expensive hormone-like substances. Most doctors do NOT offer you bio-identical, natural hormones.

My readers remember this article clarifying the differences between bio-identical and Frankenhormone “Progestin”.

Instead, my confused medical colleagues offer you “near misses”, “half truths” “Frankenhormones” like PremPro™ (horse estrogen and altered progesterone) which killed and is killing patients.  Read this,  and this,   and this.

Shockingly, the PhDs are as wrong as are the MDs. Why? Because most researchers of hormones today seem to think that research using synthetic, non bio-identical hormone like substances can be applied to honest to God bio-identical hormones. Time after time, I read a study allegedly about “progesterone” only to discover the actual agent studied is not progesterone but rather a near-miss: medroxyprogesterone or progestin – these are not progesterone!

Example.  See? The title says “Progesterone” but the study includes a near miss chemical which is not progesterone:  “Medroxyprogesterone (MPA) is synthetic, a progestin that has been used for over 40 years.”


So getting back to the benefits of real honest-to-God natural progesterone…. how can it help you? Behold! The FIVE  Main Benefits of Progesterone

  1. anti-anxiety (progesterone is a Beta blocker – blocks adrenalin)
  2. weight loss (progesterone sensitizes your insulin receptors)
  3. corrects estrogen dominance (lessening PMS, menopausal symptoms)
  4. rebuilds bone lessening risk of fracture (stimulates osteoblasts)
  5. neuroprotective (optimizes your body’s ability to deal w degenerative neurological conditions like MS, ALS, stroke, dementia)

Progesterone is not just for women.

All human cells in men and women have receptors for protesterone.

Use this dosage and formula for women and use this for men.


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