Test your Natural Killer cell function

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Anyone fighting illness would be best served to be optimally nourished (seed nutrition accomplishes this) (start with this for systemic detoxification and this  for anti-inflammation) and also to have their immune system primed and ready to serve them – in particular the function of Natural Killer cells (NK cells) must be assessed and, if necessary, enhanced.  Knowing the number of NK cells is inadequate and potentially misleading in a life threatening manner since the number of NK cells in no way correlates with their cancer fighting ability. You should not be reassured with a high number of these cells. Rather you need to measure your NK cell function measured in “lytic units”.

This metaphor helps you understand the difference between number and function. Imagine your daughter going to go into a bar for a nice drink. You would want her to determine beforehand, not only whether there are any bouncers on site to protect her, but also the number of bouncers on site but most importantly, she should determine whether they are drunk or not. If there are four bouncers, but they’re all inebriated, then they’re no help to your daughter, should problems arise. So the number of something is much less significant than the ability of that same entity to function. This is the same with natural killer cells. Sadly, most doctors only think to measure NK cell number – but you need this test.

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The natural killer cell: Discovery and the use of supplements to enhance NKC activity

6th Edition of International Conference on Antibiotics, Antimicrobials and Resistance
October 11-12, 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland

 Jerry T Thornthwaite

Cancer Research Institute of West Tennessee, USA


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The natural killer cell (NKC) is the cell-mediated cornerstone of innate immunity. The purpose of this presentation is to give a historical perspective of the author’s discovery of NKC and the application of supplements in the enhancement of NKC in human cancers for the development of human health and wellbeing. Since the discovery of the NKC, as observed by Nomarski optics, scanning (SEM)/transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with cellular numeration and enrichment using bovine serum albumin (BSA) continuous gradients, there have been significant research and clinical studies to increase the effectiveness of NKC in the destruction of cancer cells. Based on significant research and clinical studies, at least 16 components have been identified that enhance or may enhance NKC activity. These supplements include alpha-lipoic acid, arabinoxylin, curcumin, garlic, genistein, ginseng, lentinan, mistletoe, N-acetylcysteine, resveratrol, selenium, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E and zinc. Futher research is underway to activate NKC in primary and metastic cancer.


Biography :

Jerry T Thornthwaite received his PhD in chemistry and biophysics from Florida State University in 1977. He was Founder and Director of the two largest oncology laboratories in Miami.

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