Foster care and Child Protective – be careful

Kindapping of Logan Marr (Frontline-PBS)
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Posted on 10/23/2003 8:13:18 PM PDT by Naspino

Did anyone else just see Frontline on PBS. The Taking of Logan Marr? I haven’t screamed at the television in a long time but that did it. To make a long story short. Maine stole Logan from her mother because a neighbor saw her drop off Logan at her mothers house who they deemed a bad influence. After many months she got Logan back if she agreed to sever ties with her mother. Then she found her father in Florida. Maine again found out and sent a case worker to steal Logan and her new sister.

These people are demonic and this practice has to be last refuge of Nazi rule in our society. We have more review for murders caught on video than for the government to steal our children. All it takes a rumor and they can get a warrant to remove the children.

Anyway after a few backroom deals the original case worker who thought she was god became the new foster parent for Logan and her sister. CONFLICT OF FREAKING INTEREST?? Next her and the new coworker are exchanging e-mails on how to sever the mother’s parental rights to she can legally adopt the children. By the way this caseworker said in her interviews for adoption when asked how she’d handle a bad behaving child replied her child wouldn’t behave badly.

Long story short she duct tapes Logan (5) to a high chair and leaves her in the basement where she suffocates. Then later tries to blame Logan for dying because she was behaving badly around her. Apparently though Logan was a doll for her mother in her visits.

Logan also told her Mom that her foster mom was hurting her but the new case worker stopped the mom from pursing it by threatening to cut off all future visits.

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