Parents sue state for charing them with kidnapping


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Parker Jensen Family, of Utah

“We didn’t know that when we took our child to the hospital that we would lose our right to decide what is best for our child.”

“A Utah father charged with kidnapping his own son said Sunday that authorities were trying to force chemotherapy on the boy for a cancer that was unconfirmed.” (AP Aug. 31, 2003.)

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“They’re trying to kill me with chemicals”

— Parker Jensen

Parker Jensen slam dunks
Parker Jensen bounces on a trampoline with his cousin Tara Anderson in Pocatello on Sunday.
Kira Horvath, Deseret Morning News
Sept. 2, 2003


Editorial > Chemotherapy Not Necessarily Best Choice and Must not be Mandated by State

 Constitutional Specialist, Joel Skousen, Comments on Parker Jensen Case


Parker Jensen with Parents
Daren, Parker and Barbara Jensen enjoy the holiday
Monday at Barbara Jensen’s parents’ house in
Pocatello, Idaho.
(Rick Egan/The Salt Lake Tribune
Front Page Sept. 2, 2003)

12-year-old Parker Jensen was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April 2003.  The Jensens do not want to use the recommended chemotherapy to treat the illness.  They have took their child from the hospital and fled from the State’s control.  The state of Utah, through their Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) then charged the parents with kidnapping.  The mother, Barbara, was in hiding with Parker; and the father, Daren Jensen, after posting $50,000 bail, is working through legal and political channels.  The agreement as of Sept. 2 is that Parker will be evaluated by an Oncologist of the Jensen’s choice. If the diagnosis is confirmed, Parker must begin chemotherapy immediately. The state will get legal custody of Parker, but the Jensen’s will maintain physical custody. And the Jensen’s must surrender Parker’s passport.

Jensens Have Been Studious in Researching Their Son’s Diagnosis

Jensen’s friends and family plead their case

General News Retarding Parker Jensen Case

  • Jensens prompt legislation
    SALT LAKE CITY — A Davis County legislator plans to run a bill next session to exempt “competent parents” from state interference in medical treatment decisions for their children. (Standard.Net)

Chronological News Articles — Parker Jensen Case

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