Cancer STEM cell collaborations begin… in Europe.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is promising. Researcher are collaborating on how to address the lethal aspect of cancer: the cancer STEM cells. These cells are the important target not the relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cells.  Conventional cancer care makes the lethal cancer STEM cells  “more numerous and more virulent“. Don’t let your oncologist tell you that chemo and radiation therapy is good for you since it only kills the cancer TUMOR cells (the cells that can’t metastasize). As your oncologist:  “What will your proposed treatment do to my cancer STEM cells?”  You need that answer from him or her. If he or she can’t answer, or won’t admit that chemo and radiation make your cancer worse, perhaps they are not up on the research. Time to correct the problem and regain health.  Here are some lectures which clarify how you can optimize your healthy strategies:   here and here and here  and here.


EuroCSCTraining – Eurocancer Stemcell Training Network

Grant – Marie Curie Initial Training Networks


The recent identification of tumor initiating (TIC) or cancer stem cells (CSC) has opened a new area of research for scientists interested in cancer. Understanding the biology of cancer stem cells has already unraveled pathways and potential targets. However, accumulating data has underscored the complexity of the CSC research area and prompts hence the need for well-structured networks to provide expert platforms, rapid exchange of information to train future researchers in this new concept.

10 laboratories from 6 member states with 4 expert enterprises, all at the highest level of cancer stem cell research will unit in a European Cancer Stem Cell Training Network (EuroCSCTraining). Partners, from the public and private sector, have complementary expert experience in this new area, are active members of CSC research, and share dedication in training and dissemination.

The main goal of the Network is to foster translaboratory and transPhD school training in this new area of Cancer Research. It is anticipated that the EuroCSCTraining network will create a multidisciplinary and multisector structure of training for a new area of research in cancer which will develop research in Europe, foster European collaborations and provide the basis to harmonise initial research training in cancer research amongst partner Institutions.

Research fields:
Principal Investigator: Gerald de Haan

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