Smart Meters and Cancer

Dr.  Weeks Comment: We have been greatly concerned about smart meters and warned our readers to opt out starting 4 years ago. We were concerned that the funding for installing the smart meters was supported by the Department of Defense  and the Department of Homeland Security and we pointed out that the smart meters can monitor computer and internet activity of the occupant.   Now the science demonstrating the health risk of smart meters continues to become more concerning.


Josh Del Sol’s Award winning documentary on Smart Meters and wireless.

It is excellent, and free viewing only until midnight PT Tuesday August 16.

Stream TBYP for free now:


The documentary showed increased risk of fires, vulnerability to cyberattack, increased utility bills, surveillance, invasion of privacy issues (personal data has been sold by utilities to 3rd parties), in addition to health effects with smart meters.

Smart meters transmit at least 10,000 pulses per day, at peak levels of 7.93uW/cm2 for one particular model.  (One study showed children experience headaches, concentration difficulties, and behavioral problems at 0.05uW/cm2.  FCC’s limit is 1000uW/cm2 for 30 minutes for 1.5GHz and above which is based on thermal limits)

Film included interviews with Blake Levitt (scientific journalist), Dr. David Carpenter (Harvard MD), Dr. De Kun Li (MD and researcher at Kaiser Permanente), Dr. Diedrich Klinghardt (MD).

Film shows images of negative changes in blood cells of people exposed to smart meter radiation, such as cell clustering and changes in shape of the blood cells.  Also several inflammatory markers in blood, hormones, and neurotransmitters change negatively with wireless radiation exposure.

Also interviews with people who have suffered ill effects, including senior citizen who developed headaches, nosebleeds, and insomnia following installation of 12 smart meters on her bedroom wall; a family who developed fevers following smart meter installation, and

Cancer cluster among students and professors at San Diego State University from a cell tower installation.

7 people developed brain or other cancers and DIED – all at one point occupied room 131 or the room next to it at Nasatir Hall (skip to 1:05 to see this interview with the mother of one of the victims)

NOTE:  1996 Telecommunications Act, which forbids local governments from considering health impact in siting cell towers, though passed by Congress, was written with input by the telecommunications industry.



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