MS – a proven solution

We are hearing about the promise of nanotechnology – now being imagined for the treatment of multiple sclerosis: MS.

“In a breakthrough for nanotechnology and multiple sclerosis, a biodegradable nanoparticle turns out to be the perfect vehicle to stealthily deliver an antigen that tricks the immune system into stopping its attack on myelin and halt a model of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) in mice, according to new Northwestern Medicine research.  

The new nanotechnology also can be applied to a variety of immune-mediated diseases including Type 1 diabetes, food allergies and airway allergies such as asthma.  

In MS, the immune system attacks the myelin membrane that insulates nerves cells in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. When the insulation is destroyed, electrical signals can’t be effectively conducted, resulting in symptoms that range from mild limb numbness to paralysis or blindness. About 80 percent of MS patients are diagnosed with the relapsing remitting form of the disease.”Source

Much of this well-intended research is superfluous. Nanoparticles.  Bah! More dangerous than beneficial. Friends  we are all natural beings who live according to natural rules. Fortunately, nature provides her own nanoparticles and Nature always has the solution.

Paracelsusagrees  with me: “For him the purely reductionist and materialistic view of the modern era would have been unthinkable.”  He taught  “ Nature hints at cures.”  Who else agrees that Nature hold the cure?  Well, William Shakespeare agrees as his monk opines:  O, mickle is the powerful grace that lies In herbs, plants, stones and their true qualities;For nought so vile that on the earth does live  But to the earth some special good doth give.” And do does Goethe in Faust  “…Though from her spirit thine receives,When hushed it listens and believes,Secrets – revealed, else vainly sought..”

But enough of poetry. 

Here is the way to reverse MS:

To reverse MS  (which many integrative medical doctors have been doing for decades) requires an understanding of the etiology or cause of the illness. Remember there are many ways to cause MS – not all MS is the same.  So strike the root after understanding the following:

1) MS is a disease of the neurological system which is comprised, especially the myelin sheath, of 100x more omega 6 fatty acids than omega 3. So stop with the fish oil already!  Eat organic, non-GMO, non-rancid, non-hydrogenated seed oils. (Avoid vegetable oils like canola). Also on the menu: organic lard (see the work of the Polish genius Dr. Jan Kwasniewskiand read Praise the Lard) Good fat in pushes bad fat out. Change your oil!

2) MS is driven by inflammation.  Reduce inflammation with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. An other option is to use honeybee venom which has powerful anti-inflammatory peptides. Historical note: I was the first MD in America to use the honeybee venom to treat people suffering with MS – I taught my friend Dietrich Klinghardt MD who popularized this treatment for MS when he visited me in Vermont in 1985. Fortunately, we have better and less painful remedies now than the stings of 20 honeybees per session… and these come with a satisfaction or money back guarantee.

3) The optimally nourished person can recover from the ravages of MS better than someone who eats junk or inflammatory food. Seed are the most nutrient dense food on earth since they naturally bio-accumulate nutrients 20x more than does the flesh of the vegetable or fruit. Eat the Seed and allow your body to heal.

Friends, we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that is not poetry. That is scripture: Psalm 139:14

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