Dr. Weeks’ Comment: We are being assaulted in America by dangerous and unhealthy food which big Agri businesses ram down our throats with no safety testing and truth in advertising (food labels don’t declare genetically modified organisms”GMO”) thanks to the complicity of FDA and other bureaucratic agencies whose leaders are just “doing time” at the regulatory agency prior to being rewarded with plush jobs in the very industries they swore to regulate. (Heinous examples of this criminal conflict of interest and abrogation of responsibility is Cruella De Vil aka Julie Gerberding who went from head of CDC to head of Merck’s Vaccine Division and currently the recent head of FDA Scott Godleib who has made a move to a cushy job at Pfizer despite many ethical politicians including Elizabeth Warren shaming him and calling for him to resign.

Why is GMO food dangerous? Because of the fact that we absorb genetic fragments – DNA and RNA from the food we eat. We don’t just absorb macronutrients like protein, fatty acids and carbohydrate and minerals and vitamins we also absorb and incorporate into our our double helixes – our very genes – genetic material from our food. Now all life forms share genes naturally. Bananas and humans have a 50% overlap. My honey bees and I share  44% of our genes. We share 60% of our genes with that chicken we ate last night and 88% with rodents. Genetically speaking, there are only tiny differences between animals and plants. At the chemical level, all animal and plant cells contain identical DNA “double helix” but the genes which carry the DNA vary somewhat. We all remember the commercial: “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” and we integrative medical doctors know how dangerous a “near miss” biochemically speaking can be to trusting humans. (See the difference between bioidentical progesterone and the near miss synthetic progestin HERE).

When we absorb genes from healthy food, the genetic material helps us repair our own double helix and we function better. That is why so many people eating health seeds are reversing aging – healthy seeds are FULL of genetic spare parts which we can utilize for anti-aging. But once we start absorbing genetically modified material, we are being polluted and potentially irreversibly modified without our knowledge or consent.

Are our agencies protecting us? No! In support of companies pushing GMO foods, the agencies and various captive pseudo scientists are now disagreeing with prior research and claiming we don’t absorb genetic material from food.

The established science is that we absorb genes from the food we eat.

See this article Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood whose conclusion reads: “The analysis of all the publicly available circulating cell-free DNA sequencing data of over 1000 human subjects confirms our hypothesis that the presence of foreign DNA in human plasma is not unusual. It shows large variation from subject to subject following strikingly well a log-normal distribution with the highest concentration in patients with inflammation (Kawasaki disease, IBD). These findings could lead to a revision of our view of degradation and absorption mechanisms of nucleic acids in the human body. ” And note the authors’ conflict of interest statement: “The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

But now we are being told by ScienceDirect: The genetic material in human blood is not from food from an “artifact” of the laboratory. (??) But who performed this study claiming that we don’t absorb genetic material from food? People who don’t disclose these funding sources and conflict of interests: The scientists at the Technical University of Denmark. These are the same scientists who champion GMO foods and who find nothing wrong with Round up/ Glyphosate. Perhaps the director of the Institute Christine Nellemann would be willing to disclose their funding:

Other scientists who recognize the problem of transgenetics and GMO foods: 1) Transgenetics related to PRIONS 2) Transgenetics – this article admits some transgenetics but calls it… “insignificant”.

Insignificant”? That is not a scientific term – that is a value judgement. Speaking as a doctor do you know the difference between major surgery and minor surgery? Minor surgery is what you undergo and major surgery is anything I have to undergo… Insignificant until it isn’t!

We all know the Latin warning “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware). Now we need to learn “Cave Comedenti” (Eater Beware!)

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